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Applied, with some modifications for architectural consistency and acceptable code quality. Ticket resolved. Comments inline and attached to relevant tickets:

  • 57548-CONDITIONED_LINE_enh.patch, RT #57548 (Unrelated changes mixed into CONDITIONED_LINE changes rejected. Willing to review them as a separate patch in a new ticket.)
  • tt94-pod2man.diff, TT #94 (applied to branch in r34478, applied to trunk in r34789)
  • rt57006-opengl-cyg.diff, RT #57006 (applied to branch in r34480, applied to trunk in r34940)
  • rt56998-cygdll_versioning.diff, RT #56998 (applied to branch in r34483, applied to trunk in r34940)
  • rt51944-README_cygwin.diff, RT #51994 (applied to branch in r34484, applied to trunk in r34718)
  • pod2man.diff, Ticket number? (applied to trunk in r34503)
  • r34509-fixtestnumber.diff
  • r34826-tt121-eval-t-todo.diff, TT #121 (applied to trunk in r35149, in future don't apply unrelated patches to a branch, it just makes the branch more difficult to merge)

Held for extensive platform testing:

  • rt39742-installed-conflict.diff, TT #30 (applied to branch in r34477)
  • new install locations, with related searchpath changes (group these tickets/patches together into one patch for review and testing, should apply cleanly to trunk) include in the patch: r34479-rt56544-install_files.diff, r34485-rt56996-fhs-runtime.diff, r34837-tt123-runtime.diff
  • extensive changes for generating MANIFEST.generated file, RT #40817 (develop a single patch with all these changes, also must resolve outstanding problems mentioned in the ticket before can be applied to trunk) include in patch: r34716-rt40817-track-generated-files1.diff, r34743-rt40817-track-generated-files3.diff, r34747-rt40817-track-generated-files4-revert.diff

Rejected (see reasons inline, and on relevant tickets if there are any):

  • pdd30install_stage3-unapplied.tar.bz2, TT #30 (must be split into separate patches and separate tickets)
  • r34481-rt58034-config_args.diff, RT #58034 (reject automatic run of reconfig, consult jkeenan on storing config args)
  • r34482-rt56554-make-install-lang.diff (no on target to install all languages, language developers choose their own install process), also r34510-workaround_HLLNAME.diff
  • r34502-prepare-rest.diff, no ticket (too many changes bundled together, skip the version change, put the CONDITIONED_LINE changes in a single patch, put the Zcode changes in a single patch, put any additions to RT #56554 into a patch together with that first set of changes)
  • r34505-dotnet-leftovers.diff, no ticket (put the CONDITIONED_LINE changes in the patch with the other CONDITIONED_LINE changes, put the dotnet language makefile install changes in a patch and give it to the language maintainer)
  • r34508-trailingspace.diff (fix the trailing spaces in the original patch or patches)
  • r34567-tt97-test-installables.diff, TT #97 (barebones test file, make a complete test)
  • r34570-rm-cygchkdll.diff, no ticket', (combine into one patch file together with the changes that make the configure step unnecessary)
  • r34575-tt101-add-parrot_utils-tests.diff, TT #101, (barebones test files, develop more fully)
  • r34578-add_missing_files.diff, no ticket, (dan_ops definitely shouldn't be installed, perl6 ops should be in perl6_group, pdb should be installed why deleting it?)
  • r34589-jkeenan-MANIFEST-SKIP.diff, no ticket' (jim had to make these fixes because you forgot to regenerate the MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP, updates to the manifest files should be included in the original patches)
  • r34724-jkeenan-gen_platform-01-t.diff, no ticket (jim made these fixes to your code, include them in the original patch)
  • r34740-rt40817-track-generated-files2.diff, no ticket (like MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP, MANIFEST.generated should still be checked into subversion, for permanent record and for comparison with file generated during config and build)
  • r34758-rt40817-track-generated-files5.diff, RT #40817 (kludging in a 'TESTING' key is a hack, find another way to solve the problem)

To review