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    1212   * Scroll down to Windows section, and get the command-line binaries (probably easiest to grab the "Friendly Installer Program" versions) 
    1313 * [ Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition for C++]  
     14 * [ Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express] 
    15 ==== Setting up Microsoft Visual Studio ==== 
     16==== Setting up Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 ==== 
    1617Now you will need to register the software, otherwise you can only use it for 30 days. To register, start up the `Visual C++ Express` program directly from the Start Menu. Go to the Help menu and select "Register Product". Then click on the "Register now" link in the window which appears. You'll need to get a Hotmail email account so that you can log in and eventually get the registration number. Once you've done that, sign in and you should be presented with a web form to fill out. Fill this information out and you should then be given a registration key. Copy and paste this key into the relevant field in `Visual C++ Express`. You can now close the program; you'll be developing Parrot from within the command line interface anyway :-) 
     19==== Setting up Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express ==== 
     20Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express doesn't require a registration. It only forces you to download and install a bunch of other stuff related to Windows development. 
    1822==== Get Parrot ==== 
    2630==== Environment setup ==== 
    27 Actually, it seems this step is no longer necessary, so you might not need to worry anymore with the current version of Visual Studio. 
     31Actually, it seems this step is no longer necessary, so you might not need to worry anymore with the current version of Visual Studio. When using MSVC 2010 it should be enough to run "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat". 
    2933Download the Parrot setup script for Windows [ parrot_setup.bat] (attached to this page), and put it into your newly checked out working copy. This file sets up the relevant paths etc for the Visual Studio Command Prompt to see all its own information and so you can just call nmake (Microsoft's version of make) and cl (the Visual Studio C/C++ compiler) from the command line. This file was developed on a German version of Windows so you'll probably need to change Programme to Programs to get the paths correct. Run the .bat file like so: