• enable GC while parsing
    • allows more extensive use of PMCs, which encourages more sharing with the rest of the Parrot ecosystem (eg: PackFile PMCs, PIRATE)
  • constant unfolding
    • unimplemented const-variants of ops should get unfolded to multiple 'set' ops followed by the non-const variant of the op
    • reduces demand for umpteen op variants (op-bloat)
  • consider salvaging optimizer components, possibly for a pbc_to_pbc transformation tool or an in-memory inplace optimizer
  • work on isolating IMCC into separately loadable module
  • work on simple low-level replacement (PASM2)


  • make subs first class entities. this would match the rest of Parrot more closely and solve a lot of issues.
  • pbc constant cross-references (6model request)
  • document format


  • make it build/run