Version 2 (modified by plobsing, 12 years ago)



  • enable GC while parsing
    • allows more extensive use of PMCs, which encourages more sharing with the rest of the Parrot ecosystem (eg: PackFile PMCs, PIRATE)
  • constant unfolding
    • unimplemented const-variants of ops should get unfolded to multiple 'set' ops followed by the non-const variant of the op
    • reduces demand for umpteen op variants (op-bloat)
  • consider salvaging optimizer components, possibly for a pbc_to_pbc transformation tool or an in-memory inplace optimizer


  • finish/publish deep clone library
  • complete POC text format serializer


  • list dynext artifact dependancies/indices explicitly in PBC (eliminate ParrotInterpretter freeze/thaw hack)
  • eliminate wrapping of PMC constants in strings (too much copying on both read and write, wastes space storing encoding/charset/etc, which mean nothing for these)
  • make subs first class entities. this would match the rest of Parrot more closely and solve a lot of issues.


  • Make multiple packfile segments work. Will likely fix TT #1142 among other things.