Parrotsketch Weekly Meeting Protocol

Parrot developers conduct a weekly online meeting on #parrotsketch. The meeting is held on Tuesdays at 18:30 UTC. The format for this meeting was developed following an in-person BOF meeting held at YAPC|10 in Pittburgh, PA in June 2009.

1. Everybody should prepost reports (or links to reports) well before the meeting at 18:30UTC, so we don't waste time at the meeting going through the list of reports. A thirty minute window should be long enough to ensure that most attendees have enough time to get up-to-date before the meeting starts. Everything will be in the  IRC log so people can review them later at their leisure. The ideal format for a report is a blog post or some other format designed to convey content rather than log realtime conversations, but pre-posting in #parrotsketch is also acceptable.

2. In their reports, everybody should list

  1. what they did last week, which is what has been the norm,
  2. what they are planning to do in the coming week, including estimation of any free tuits coming up, and
  3. things that they are blocking on

3. It is important to get good status reports from people working on milestones, especially critical milestones, so we can identify when things are in danger of slipping and we can get more people assigned to it.