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Here's the (unofficial) plan for moving things from  RT to  Trac:

  1. Please don't open any more RT tickets. Each ticket opened there is another one we have to resolve before we can stop using RT.
  1. If at all possible, resolve the ticket in place, either by rejecting it or (gasp) resolving it.
  1. If it's a trivial one line TODO, that can be moved over without much thought. (However, reject it or fix it if possible.)
  1. If you're trying to help out on ticket triage, don't add comments to the ticket like "what's the status?" unless you have some familiarity with the ticket.
  1. If possible, assign the old ticket to the person you think might be responsible for it.
  1. With what's left, moving items which are listed on one of the Roadmaps in the new trac wiki is a priority, so we can get the  automagic roadmap working.
  1. If you have to move a ticket and can't let it stay in RT any longer, and there's a nontrivial amount of information; link back to the original ticket. If it's a small amount, cut and paste it in.
  1. Once we get through all the closable tickets, we can re-evaluate how we're going to move things.