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This is a Wishlist item.

I continue to find our Smolder reports very useful. One feature I'd 
like to see: On the home page ( 
public_projects/smoke_reports/8), could we squeeze in the SVN 
revision number at which a report was generated -- perhaps flush 
right on the same line as the "#NNNN Added ..." for each report.

We have the SVN rev number available *inside* each report, but not on 
the outside. This would be useful for two reasons:

(1) Sometimes when several people are submitting Smolder reports 
within the same hour, the report with the highest Smolder number is 
not from the most recent SVN revision.

(2) When we're doing binary searches to track down bugs, once we're 
inside SVN it's a bit easier to search by revision number than by 
revision date (fewer keystrokes, more granularity). It would be nice 
to have both date and SVN rev number on the Smolder home page.

Thank you very much.