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Our trac installation requires an email confirmation in order to create an account and comment on tickets.

So, when we get ticket spam, there's a good chance the email actually belongs to a spammer.

Here are some easily harvestable entries from folks that have spammed us; Other spammers, enjoy!

alivenk    	Aliven Kipling	2009-07-29 08:46:20
alisawenyan	alisawenyan zhao	08/08/09 01:33:25
egg622	wedding planning view	12/03/09 03:54:23
kristy	kristy	01/06/10 13:50:06
kristy123	kristy	01/11/10 20:36:05
susieb	01/10/10 21:55:22
DurfWerzel	Durf	01/10/10 21:10:57
Jack9  	Jack9  	04/13/10 14:18:21
mike3050	Mike Smith	04/23/10 11:44:38
bascorp	badok	04/27/10 14:07:48
LIZCarroll	LIZCarroll

Resolving Spam

  • log the account information of the spammer on this page.
  • delete the account used to generate the spam
  • get a list of the ticket numbers the spammer has added comments to.
  • use the admin plugin "delete changes" - one at a time, enter the ticket number...
    • Note that the changes are NOT presented in chronological order by default.
    • For each spam comment(and any followups that say "this is spam", from helpful users trying to point things out to the admins), hit the "delete change" button.