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added RtMigration link

There are a lot of online resources for parrot.

  • Issue tracking:
    • trac (preferred)
    • RT (still in heavy use, see RtMigration)
  • Websites/wikis
    • (running drupal)
    • (running trac)
    • (socialtext wiki; move any pages there to trac wiki so we can shut it down.)
    • - front page redirects to, but the site is still up and many pages exist on their own and are not redirected.
  • Distributions
    • CPAN
    • eventually hosted on instead.
  • Mailing lists.
    • parrot-dev@… (preferred)
    • parrot-porters (just an alias for...)
    • perl6-internals (...old, original list.)
    • svn-commit-parrot@… (svn commit messages, use cvs-parrot-subscribe@… to subscribe)