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+a quick tasklist for myself. All the cool kids are doing it.

  • Compilers
    • Review PDD31. Move it out of draft if it's good, or tweak it until it is.
    • Unify IMCC entry points (imcc_run_api and imcc_compile_file) and cleanup
    • Move as much argument-processing logic out of IMCC as possible. Ideally, IMCC should not process any commandline arguments
    • Create a new PIR compreg using IMCC, following PDD31 as closely as possible
    • IMCC should return a PackFile, and not immediately write to or merge to interp->initial_pf or interp->code.
  • Exceptions
    • Make Exception and ExceptionHandler properly subclassable
  • Packfiles
    • Start working on a new Packfile API to encapsulate that system