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Welcome to the Parrot Developer Wiki

This wiki is a workplace for developers of the Parrot virtual machine and related languages, tools, and applications. If you aren't a developer, you may be looking for  the main Parrot website.

The current status and plan is available at the Parrot Roadmap.

HLL Resources

If you are developing (or thinking of developing) a high-level language on top of Parrot, the HLL Resources page is for you.

Weekly Focus

If you have resources to contribute to Parrot this week, please ask on the mailing list or in the IRC channel if you need assistance. Our tasks are:

  • HLLInteroperability (talk to Tene and pmichaud)
  • improving the Parrot debugger documentation (talk to dukeleto)
  • RTEMS port (dukeleto)
  • Converting the test suite from Perl 5 to PIR (dukeleto)
  • working on Parrot standard library
  • building a framework for testing bytecode
  • pruning C structures (talk to chromatic)
  • security subsystem, PDD 18 (dukeleto)
  • deprecated vtable function removal (cotto)



Date: Saturday, December 19, 2009 Focus: TBA

News and Events

  • Parrot 2.0.0 "Inevitable" was released on 2010-01-19, see the  home page for details. The next release will be 2010-02-16

Also see ArchivedNewsEvents.

Current Development Priorities

This is a list of tasks that were priorities for the 1.9.0 release in December.

see DevelopmentPriorities for potential development priorities for Parrot 2.0

Contributing to Parrot

You can contribute to Parrot in many ways:

Development Work Pages

Tasklists And Projects

GCTasklist IOTasklist CallingConventionsTasklist StringsTasklist
NamespaceTasklist CageTasklist DocsTasklist DebuggerTaskList
ArrayTasklist Pdd30InstallTasklist PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist KeysRefactor
PIRCDevelopment APIFuncRenaming JITRewrite MakeEveryPMCAnObject
NCITasklist? CopyingGarbageCollector CFunctionDocs BuildTaskList

Long-Term Plans

L1Recap Lorito ContextPMCUses?

Project Information

ParrotCommunityKnowledge BranchDescriptions BigProjectIdeas GitObjections

Parrot Ecosystem

ModuleEcosystem Modules Languages


 TapTinder - continuous integration for Parrot on various platforms PerlSixTesting
WhereIsIt - links to other resources
Parrot Dictionary - opcodes, pmc types, and other definitions


Glossy Brochure
ParrotAdvantages ParrotVirtualAppliance ParrotQuotes ParrotVersionNumbers

Wiki 101

Please feel free to add or modify pages — even this one — as you see fit. That's the idea of a wiki.

Simply click on the "Edit this page" link at the bottom of the page. You need to Register or Login before you can edit pages.

Starting Points

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