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Welcome to the Parrot Developer Wiki

PLEASE NOTE: This is our old wiki. We are currently in the process of converting our wiki to Github: .

If you migrate a page from this wiki to our github wiki, please delete the page here so we know what has been converted.

This wiki is a workplace for developers of the Parrot virtual machine and related languages, tools, and applications. If you aren't a developer, you may be looking for  the main Parrot website.

The current status and plan is available at the Parrot Roadmap.

HLL Resources

If you are developing (or thinking of developing) a high-level language on top of Parrot, the HLL Resources page is for you.

Weekly Focus

If you have resources to contribute to Parrot this week, please ask on the mailing list or in the IRC channel if you need assistance. Our tasks are:


 Latest Release

Also see ArchivedNewsEvents.

Contributing to Parrot

You can contribute to Parrot in many ways:

Development Project Pages

Current Projects

This is a list of projects currently in development, or for which the tasklist is mature enough to begin development and has been approved. These represent current development priorities, or projects that are not high priority but are ready for immediate work.

GCTasklist IOTasklist CageTasklist APIFuncRenaming BuildTaskList

Future Tasklists

This is a list of subsystems or projects which are being planned, but which are not yet ready for active development. These represent near-term development priorities

ArrayTasklist JITRewrite ExceptionRefactor CompilerInterfaceDesign PackfileTasklist
Lorito LlvmJitExperiment 6model

Old / Defunct Tasklists

This is a list of planning pages which are old, already complete, or which need substantial planning work. These need review, and in some cases they can be deleted if they are irreparably old or unused.

CallingConventionsTasklist StringsTasklist NamespaceTasklist DocsTasklist DebuggerTaskList
Pdd30InstallTasklist SecurityTasklist KeysRefactor PIRCDevelopment MakeEveryPMCAnObject
CopyingGarbageCollector CFunctionDocs FreezeThawTasklist
OSInterfaceAdditions UnwindSemantics IMCCTasklist SmolderTaskList

Other Items


Long-Term Plans


Project Information

ParrotCommunityKnowledge BranchDescriptions BigProjectIdeas
ParrotDeprecations HowToDeprecate

Parrot Ecosystem

ModuleEcosystem Modules Languages


 TapTinder - continuous integration for Parrot on various platforms PerlSixTesting
WhereIsIt - links to other resources
Parrot Dictionary - opcodes, pmc types, and other definitions
 Parrot/Rakudo Code Browser/XREF tool
GSoCers Start Here
Ideas for GSoc 2011


Glossy Brochure ParrotFaces ParrotHackList
ParrotAdvantages ParrotVirtualAppliance ParrotQuotes ParrotVersionNumbers

Wiki 101

Please feel free to add or modify pages — even this one — as you see fit. That's the idea of a wiki.

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Starting Points

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.