Add to this list of talks on Parrot proposed or desired for  YAPC::NA::2008 in Chicago, June 16-18, 2008.

Parrot and Rakudo Buildfest

Please see: "Our page on the  YAPC::NA::2008 Wiki. That page, which is what conference attendees will see, supersedes the discussion below. --kid51, June 08 2008

Submitted by: *Jim Keenan* (IRC #parrot: kid51)

Proposal Accepted by YAPC: April 8 2008

Date and Time: Wednesday, June 18, 2008, 10:05 am - 12:05 pm

Location: Computer Lab

Workshop Agenda:

Have you been avoiding trying out Parrot or Rakudo (the Perl 6 implementation on the Parrot virtual machine)? Come to this lab session and solve your avoidance problems.

We'll walk you through a download of the Parrot source code, building and testing Parrot on your laptop or remote machine. Then we'll show you how to build Perl 6 on Parrot and get you to "Hello, world." At that point, you'll be ready to start playing with Perl 6 yourself.

The Parrot team is particularly interested in having you attend this workshop if you want to try out Parrot and Perl 6 on operating systems for which we do not regularly get smoke test reports. So we welcome participants working on Win32, OpenBSD, Solaris, etc., as well as Linux, Darwin and FreeBSD.


I selected the 95-minute duration category. "Lab session" is a new YAPC session format *jmcadams* and I dreamed up over beer in NYC in February.


I am more interested in being a *co-leader* of this "lab session" than in being the sole leader. That's because I've rarely ventured as far as "Hello, world" on Rakudo myself. I'm very interested in seeing what problems people experience in the configure-build-test cycle for Parrot, but it would be best to have Rakudo people on hand to answer questions about Perl 6 on Parrot. --kid51 (Apr 08 2008)

TAs: Will Coleda (Plan on carving out part of the hackathon time to planning out this session in more detail.)


We did an initial run of "Getting to Hello World" at Toronto Perlmongers in late March with very good results. We will be doing another run at Perl Seminar NY on April 15. You are encouraged to do likewise at local Perlmonger meetings prior to YAPC. Note that this is not the only thing we might do at the workshop session, but it lays the basis for anyone who attends to get started.


Perhaps no more than "the tone deaf teaching a song to the tone deaf" but I'll be glad to show up and assist as possible.


I'll be there and can help out where needed. allison

modparrot: The last Apache module you'll ever need

Speaker: Jeff Horwitz

Duration: 45 minutes


modparrot embeds the Parrot VM in the Apache web server, giving Parrot and its languages access to the Apache API without the overhead of writing an Apache module for each language. It is the platform on which modperl6 is being developed and even has a working PHP implementation. This talk explores the goals of modparrot, its architecture, and why it is important at this point in time. It also examines how popular languages like Perl 6 and PHP are currently supported, and demonstrates the ease with which new languages can be integrated.

Advanced Control Structures in Parrot

Speaker: Bob Rogers

Duration: 45 minutes


We all know about "for" and "while" loops -- they are implemented with gotos -- but what really happens when you "goto" a label that is outside the sub? How does error handling work under the hood? What's a coroutine good for, and how does it work?

The answers to all of these questions involve something called a "continuation," which is just a generalized goto. Come find out how continuations work in Parrot, and see how they support advanced programming techniques.