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initial creation

Tasks chromatic has identified as necessary and will do, will help someone do, or will document in sufficient detail that someone else can do part or all of them:

  • ClassVtableOverrides
  • Merge Context and CallSignature PMCs
  • Enable bytecode migration between (supported) bytecode versions
  • Fix annotation storage, indexing, and line numbers
  • Move GC flags out of PMC headers
  • Add write barriers for the GC
  • Delay MMD registration until the first creation of a PMC with MMD candidates
  • Improve performance and storage and lookup of class and object attributes
  • Implement the sweep-free linked list GC
  • Define necessary ops for Lorito
  • Deprecate mutable STRINGs
  • Deprecate NULL STRING pointers in public API
  • Create language and engine for PAST/POST optimizations
  • Replace IMCC with PIRC